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To Become a First-class International Oilfield Chemicals Supplier


To Become a First-class International Oilfield Chemicals Supplier


To Become a First-class International Oilfield Chemicals Supplier


To Become a First-class International Oilfield Chemicals Supplier


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DSP-1 adopts the design of molecular structure. DSP-1 is polymerized with solvent method through the optimization of monomer of salt resistance and high temperature resistance.
NP-1 is a multi-polymer composed of alkane sulfonate, alkyl ester, crosslinking agent. It forms nano-solid sealing material through special technology.
AP-1 is a new type of shale inhibitor used in high-performance water based drilling fluid, which is a poly-amine-modified polyether polyols shale inhibitor.
NS-1 is the latest development of a hydrophilic modified silicon dioxide dispersions. NS-1 particle size distribute in the range of 1-100nm, which can seal nanoscale pore of shale effectively.

Drilling Fluids Systems

Ultra-high density composite brine drilling fluid system D-ULTRAWEI

Aiming at the technical problems such as fluid loss reduction, rheology and inhibition coordination, and well wall stability of ultra-high density drilling fluid system under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the ultra-high density composite brine drilling fluid system with a density of 2.6g/cm3 was developed by carrying out research work such as optimization of high-temperature resistant drilling fluid treatment agent, optimization of drilling fluid particle size distribution, and optimization of drilling fluid system composition.

Ultra-high temperature water-based drilling fluid system D-SuperHT

Ultra-deep Wells or geothermal Wells often face formation temperatures of more than 220 ° C in drilling construction, and deep Wells often drill salt paste layer, so the company has developed ultra-high temperature water-based drilling fluid system with temperature resistance of more than 220 ° C.

R&D Centre

Deshunyuan has established Oilfield Chemical Engineering Center with China University of Petroleum (hereinafter referred to as “Center”). The Center including drilling fluids lab, chemical synthesis, chemical analysis lab, oil and gas formation protection lab, which are equipped with the perfect global advanced testing instruments.

Production Base

The company has a large production base covering an area of over 100 acres, advanced production equipment, and can produce over 40 products in the field of drilling fluid treatment agents. The company has established a chemical synthesis room, analysis laboratory, product testing room, oil layer protection research room, and drilling fluid research room, equipped with advanced and complete experimental testing instruments, with precise testing.

According to modern enterprise management concepts, we have achieved scientific and standardized production management; Mechanization and automation of production operations; Electronic measurement.

Quality Control

The company has established advanced and perfect internal control system and quality control system, passed API spec Q1 and API 13A certification, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, 14001 environmental system certification, 18001 occupational safety and health system certification, HSE health safety and environmental protection system certification and CNPC oilfield chemical agent quality certification.
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The company is a first-class supplier of Sinopec, CNPC and CNOOC Oilfield Services Co., Ltd., with excellent quality and high scientific and technological content, and is widely used in domestic oilfields such as Shengli, Tuha, Daqing, Karamay, and international oilfields such as Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc.
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About Us

Shandong Deshunyuan Petro Sci & Tech Co. LTD (hereinafter referred to as “DSY”) is located in Shengli Oilfield (The second largest oilfield in China) of Dongying city. The company was founded in 1999 with 15 million USD registered capital. It is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to the new petroleum technology development and application. The company has more than 100 acres of drilling fluid workshops and more than 30,000 MT annual production capacity of drilling fluid additives.

The main business covers drilling fluid additives production, drilling fluid engineering service, harmless disposal technology service of drilling waste, R&D of chemicals for Oilfield. DSY provides drilling fluid products and technical proposal for the customers to help them maximize the productivity and cost-efficiency of their drilling operations.


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